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DAN Oxygen Instructor Course

The DAN Oxygen Instructor Training Program trains qualified dive professionals to teach the important DAN Oxygen Provider course (21454VIC: DAN Oxygen Provision in Dive Accidents), a Nationally Recognised course in Australia that takes approximately 4 hours.

We also offer a second level of the DAN Oxygen Instructor Training Program that will allow the instructor candidate to prepare to teach the DAN Resuscitation module, which is aligned with the Nationally Recognised Training unit of competence HLTCRP201A: Provide CPR. Please read on for information about the two course offerings.

Level 1 - DAN Oxygen Instructor

Level 1 of the DAN Oxygen Instructor Trianing Program includes all of the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to teach the 4-hour DAN Oxygen First Aid in Dive Accidents course (the DAN Oxygen Provider course).

Topics covered include recognition of a diving injury; benefits of oxygen provision; handling and storage of oxygen; oxygen delivery systems; teaching the use of the DAN Oxygen Unit; legal issues; and course preparation, standards and procedures.

A person who successfully completes Level 1 of the DAN Oxygen Instructor Training Program becomes a Level 1 DAN Oxygen Instructor, who can teach the DAN Oxygen Provider Module (21454VIC: DAN Oxygen First Aid in Dive Accidents) to divers.

Level 2 - CPR and Diving Medicine.

This module, presented by both a DAN Asia-Pacific Instructor-Trainer and a Diving Medical Specialist (often with anaesthetic experience), includes advanced physiology, resuscitation theory and practice, injury recognition and management for diving and certain non-diving illnesses and hands-on practice with a variety of oxygen delivery systems.

An instructor who successfully completes both Modules becomes a Level 2 DAN Oxygen Instructor, and is able to teach both Oxygen Provider and Resuscitation courses to the diving community, and beyond.


To participate in the DAN Oxygen Instructor Training Program participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have completed the DAN Oxygen Provider Module
  • Be a Scuba Instructor with an Accredited Agency (or Assistant Instructor with
    certain Approved Agencies)
  • In Australia, must hold a TAA40104 Cert IV in Workplace Training &
    Assessment, or complete outstanding competencies in order to gain
    equivalence to TAA40104 prior to certification as a DAN Oxygen Instructor
  • Be a DAN Asia Pacific member

PADI Oxygen First Aid Distinctive Specialty Course

PADI supports DAN's efforts to promote training in Oxygen First Aid, and as such allows qualified DAN Oxygen Instructors who also hold a current PADI Oxygen First Aid Distinctive Specialty Instructor rating to issue the PADI Oxygen First Aid Distinctive Specialty certification to students who successfully complete the course. This will allow the student to count the course towards their PADI Master Scuba Diver rating.

PADI Instructors who complete the DAN Oxygen Instructor Training Course with us can gain this rating as part of the course (PADI Specialty Instructor application fee is not included).

Course Schedule

Please see our Course Calendar for more information about upcoming DAN Oxygen Instructor Courses that are scheduled in Wollongong, Sydney, Canberra and Fremantle.