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Part-Time IDC

For many people, undertaking their PADI Assistant Instructor Course, OWSI Program or complete PADI Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC) on a full-time basis makes sense.

But for others, completing the IDC on a part time basis is a better approach as it allows them to undertake the program without taking time off from a full time job, and it spreads the learning out over several weeks.

We offer at least 2 IDCs a year on a part time basis, with each program running over 7 days spread over three weekends. This very flexible schedule allows candidates to take minimum time off work, and also allows time to catch up between sessions.

Undertaking your IDC on a part-time basis is perfect for the individual who wishes to become a dive instructor as a supplement to their full time career, and is also well suited to those looking for a program that allows them to learn and prepare at a more relaxed pace.

See our Course Calendar for more information on upcoming programs.